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RALKS Scholarship Program

24th Feb 2019

Update: Not accepting more requests as of now.

I am frustrated how much the name of an education institution influences career of an individual, not just for a couple of years after graduation, but creating meaningless significant differences in the future opportunities he or she is going to get, throughout life.

What is more sad about the kind of culture we have created in India is that, this very mentality is being fueled and driven equally by those at the top, people who actually can make a difference, if they are provided with sufficient motivation.

I believe, opportunities an individual gets should be a function of his/her resourcefulness and not the resources. Resources should never be the deciding factor.

There is certainly hope, specially with the development of western culture of open source education, but we have got problems adopting it. Most of my colleagues are decently technical, well connected, conscious, smart professionals, yet they don't find all of those things (online education) to be (statistically) significant in their journey.

What we need is something that connects all of this open source education world to these real people and make them realize the untapped value. This is what RALKS Scholarship Program is all about.

People who fit the following criterion are ideal to apply: (others can apply too)

1) Want to work on Data Science and Analytics, not just because its cool or because everyone else is doing it, but because you want to do it and you can connect to it.

2) People who don't have any formal Computer Science education. I have a degree in Electrical engineering, so I am able to connect with such people better.

3) People with weak financial background who can't pay hefty fees of 'big Educational Institutions'


As a part of this program, I would be guiding you through a detailed course based on Python over the weekends. Its been a while since I have been practicing various teaching methodologies. And along the way I have had fair amount of success. This program is intended to teach all of the good things I have learned over the period of last 2-3 years, by doing multiple (>50) online courses and meeting with many influential people in data ecosystem. The program touches programming in python, Visualizations, descriptive and inferential Statistics, Probability and some Machine learning techniques. All of this is totally hands on. All for free. No strings attached. 

I generally cover all of this in a little more than 3 months (weekends only), but the plan is to teach for mastery and not for a fixed amount of time, so duration may vary.

I have decided to do both online and offline versions of this. You can reach me out for more details or questions at

I bear all of the logistic and development expenses of the program from my personal income. If you want to support the program, please reach out at


Thank you,


Update: Not accepting more requests as of now.

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