"When you leave it to chance,

then all of a sudden you don't have any more luck."

- Pat Riley

I have been very lucky to be engaged with some of the top analytical minds of the world as a part of my work for last 3 years. Combine that with my habit of continuous reading, I work and understand some very sophisticated analytical techniques and models for Portfolio Risk Management in Investing.

Having no formal education in Finance, I am confident that the greatest edge one can have over peers is his/her curiosity. Being driven by my curiosity about anything newly encountered, I have read dozens of books, hundreds of blogs and research papers - which have helped me excel in my current job and push me beyond the boundaries of my official work.

This place is a collection of my thoughts and learnings in Finance and Investing.

Finance and Investing

May 02, 2020​ - Can you beat a Fund Manager?

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