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Hi, I am Kush Kulshrestha, the guy behind the blog.

Currently working as a Data Analyst, I am a self taught Data enthusiast with a passion to turn data into better and smarter products, actionable insights and meaningful stories. I analyze data to gain insights into business performance, build visualizations to support decision making, and create ETL processes to automate key business reporting processes.

I have published 3 research papers in International conferences and Journals.

I started my journey in Analytics with one of my project work sponsored by DRDO as an Electrical Engineering student in Panjab University. In the project, I was expected to analyze and visualize the output of a pressure sensor that we indigenously developed in the DRDO lab using Cabon nanotubes. After the project, I started exploring other ways to analyze the data.

Tools I use:

- I use Python and R to implement various Machine learning algorithms and automate reports to capture trends and patterns which are consumed by   vertical heads.

- Visualization: Tableau is my preferred tool for data visualization. Sometimes, I also work with Neo4j. I introduced Tableau dashboards in the           startup I am currently working in which eventually led to exponential increase in efficiency of Account Management team.

- Advanced proficiency in working with MS Excel and SQL.


- Proficient in Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (Hypothesis testing, t-tests, f-tests, Anova testing, A/B testing, probability distributions)

- Designing Clutter free Visualizations and BI dashboards, KPI dashboards.

- Time series forecasting, Customer churn Analysis, Cohort Analysis, RFM Analysis, 

- Statistical Modelling Techniques like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Ridge and Lasso Regression, Nearest-neighbour Classifiers, SVM,    Decision Trees, K-means clustering, EM Algorithm, Gaussian Mixture models, PCA.


Vizoftheweek started with my effort to create and share one visualization every week. But soon I started focusing not only on Vizes but also on every other data things. 

Now I share everything from tips and tricks that I feel could be used to enhance data storytelling to observations about what makes a great visualization great to statistical analysis and applications of Data Science in various domains. It's about exploring data and sharing insights in an engaging way. I share what I have learned (and am learning) with you.

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 - Engineering Mathematics - I, II and III

 - Numerical Analysis

 - Engineering Physics

 - Electrical Machinery - I and II

 - Power Electronics - I and II

 - Control Engineering

 - Digital Signal Processing

 - Power Systems - I and II and CAPSA (Computer Aided Power System Analysis)

 - Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

 - Linear Circuit Analysis

 - Communication Engineering

 - Energy Management and Auditing

 - Wireless Communications.


 - Data Visualisation with Tableau Specialization, University of California, Davis

- Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau

- Essential Design Principles for Tableau

- Visual Analytics with Tableau

- Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau

 - Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization, Duke University

- Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies

- Mastering Data Analysis in Excel

- Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

- Managing Big Data with MySQL

 - The Analytics Edge, MIT

 - Machine Learning, Columbia University

 - Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics, Columbia University

 - Intro to Machine Learning, Udacity
 - Time Series Forecasting, Udacity

 - Inferential and Descriptive Statistics, Udacity

 - Customer Analytics, University of Pennsylvania

 - Data Analysis, Delft University

 - Excel for Data Analysis and Visualization, Microsoft

 - Introduction to R Programming, Microsoft

 - Introduction to Programming with MATLAB, Vanderbilt University

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