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This blog started with me trying to figure out a way to share some beautiful visualizations at the very starting of my career. Now this place is more like my diary with a collection of my published and unpublished works.

For recruiters - 

I am working in the field of Quantitative Finance where I help Portfolio Managers to quantify the risk on their Investment portfolios, who are currently managing more than $ 2 Trillion worth of assets ($$$$). 


Prior to this, I was working in the product team of a payment startup Happay in Bangalore, laying out the product details in a more data driven fashion.

I have published research in some good international conferences, but discussing about that here would make me boring. I am comfortable using Python, R and SQL and I have some experience with Tableau. 

For the rest -

I like to use math to solve day-to-day problems (Yes, that is what I have to say about myself to everyone).

I also like to paint. But given the fact that I am not a very good painter, I like to express my thoughts using paint in some minimalist style.

One thing gets me frustrated frequently is the reluctance to accept non computer science people in Analytics. I continue to believe in the contributions of such people in various fields of science, unlike how it is projected by my peers. It is the most 'unlikely' people who make the most 'unlikely' advances. Achieving 'likely' advances is just a matter of time.

Reach me out at kulshresthakush at gmail dot com.

I love you.


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